The question everyone wants to know, is does the Contour Abs work? And how does it compare to the Flex Belt ab toner?

The answer is not entirely simple - the contour abs will 'work' by contracting your abs and helping to build abdominal muscles as if you were doing situps or crunches...BUT it will not cause you to lose weight, or make inches vanish from your waist like they seem to promise in the infomercials that have made the product famous!

The contour abs is an adequate product, but not very good quality and many articles and reports online highlight the fact that its technology is a little out of date and that the ab belt itself is made from poor quality components and cheap materials. There are numerous complaints online about how the contour belt broke quickly through only very light use. There are also some complaints about how the contour belt is marketed, with a $14.95 'trial' sometimes confusing buyers into thinking that is the total price for the belt, when really they will bill your credit card $50 a month for 4 months after you get the belt for the $14.95 trial!

The contour abs belt in theory has a 30 day trial, but they are so slow to ship the product that often the 30 day trial is over before the belt arrives in the mail!

So is the contour abs belt worth the money? The answer would have be a certain NO! It costs well over $215 total, and there are questions about its reliability and quality. There are much better ab belts available on the market for similar prices - one of the best ab belts is the Flex Belt.

The Flex Belt is the most up to date and advanced ab belts available - it uses medical grade technology and materials and is generally recognised as the most effective, best quality ab belt on the market today. There have been clicnical trials during which 99% of users reported improvements in their abdominal muscles, and there are very positive reviews online. Delivery is fast, and there is a 60 day period where you are free to return the flex belt if you don't like it for a full refund, so there is no risk like with the contour abs belt. Read a more detailed comparison of the flex belt and contour abs belt.

Flex belt users report that they see positive results in a matter of a few days after starting to use the ab belt for as little as 30 minutes a day! There is no doubt that using an ab toning belt is a great way of toning up your abdominal muscles without spending hours in the gym, and if you take your health and wellbeing seriously, the the flex belt is the ab belt that is the best choice for quality, value and results.

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